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Cerafix Bond - Blocks Joining Adhesive:

Bluegem group has coined to Green Building Concept and is glad to announce its innovative product Cerafix Bond, a high quality premixed(mortar) adhesive through state of art mixing machinery. Cerafix bond is a high strength adhesive for quick and firm laying of AAC, CLC and Precast blocks with thin joints. Being a quality concious organisation, we are exporting a superior range of products. These products are widely used by our clients. Cerafixbond is unique bonding adheisve for AAC, CLC, Precast unit. It is design to give strength, stability, durability and economics. It enables good bond in horizontal and vertical joints. It is light weight and curing less product. It is best replacement for conventional mortar.

Technical Specifications:
  • Appearance - Grey Powder
  • Water Required - 30% to 35%
  • Pot Life - -1.5-2 Hours
  • Curing - Not required
  • Tensile Adhesive Strenght - 3.4 Mpa (As per ASTM C1660 standards)
  • Coverage - 200-225 sq.ft. for 4" Thick Block

Key Features:

  • High Bond Strength - It can get stronger joint within thickness of 2-3mm layers.
  • No Shrink Crack - Water is retained in mortar thus prevents shrinkage and crack.
  • Premixed - No required blending, only add clean water
  • Economical - Efforts requires for laying blocks is 3times less than conventional mortar.
  • Coverage - 200 to 225sq.ft. with thickness 3mm bed (for 4 inches thick AAC block)
  • Zero Wastage - It is easy to apply and avoids wastage of material
  • No Curing required - Due to water retention polymers, curing is not essential after application
  • Packing & Store - Available in 40kg HDPE bag, Material Colour: White and Grey, store in dry and covered shade