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For Leakproof Construction, Leaklock is polyurethane is based in two-component of waterproofing system with anti-corrosion coat, a Liquid is in grey color and easily applied by brush.

Features and Benefits:

A very high and superb performance waterproof coating for Terrace, Bathroom, Basement, Water Tank & Swimming Pool.

  • Provides excellent impermeable and Heavy duty waterproofing coating
  • Anti corrosion agent coating for wood and metal.
  • Flexible enough to take care of minor crakes in concrete and plaster.
  • Durable and economical.
  • Available in pre-packed, ready-to-use containers.
  • Maintane the tempreture.
  • Colour Fast
  • Weather Resistent
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Non-Shrinking
  • Easy Application and Cleanup
Technical Information:
Appearance Grey color liquid
Mix Ratio (polyol part – A: hardener part-B 81:19 (part of weight)
Pot life at 30 C Approx 45 min
Coverage 25 to 30sqft/kg. double coat
Application Temperature Room temperature
Packing ½ kg. 1 kg. 4 kg.
Ares of Application:
  • In terrace and wall waterproofing
  • Such as sunken slabs/toilet and bathroom
  • For swimming pools (Internal and external side application)
  • For water tank (Internal and external side application)
  • For masonry walls (Internal and external side application)
  • For Wooden coating & metal coating free from corrosion (e.g.W.C & bath door, out side door etc.)
Application Procedure :

Clean the concrete surface by removing mud, dust and extraneous substances like Oil, Lubricant and old coating with the help of a wire brush. The concrete must be free from moisture and completely dry. Stir the contents well before mixing.

Mixing Ratio:
Component A:81 parts by weight
Component B:19 Parts by Weight

Take the Content of Components B and pour into the relevant container of component A (which are weighted in right mixing proportion). Mix the components throughly with a road. Apply the mixture on the prepared surface using a good quality paint brush. Composition can be diluted with solvent LLD to adjust application with viscosity. The mixed solution must be cosumed with in 45 minutes. Allow the first coat to dry for 2-4 hours. Roughen the surface slightly with an emery paper prior to applying the second coat – Apply the second coat and allow in to cure for 24 hours. Dispose of the empty containers immediately after use with due care.

A Polyurethane based two component of waterproofing system with anti-corrosion a Liquid is grey in color and easily applied by brush.

Precautions and Limitations:
  • Do not pond with water immediately after the 2nd coat
  • Allow it to air cure for at least 24 hours
  • Do not dilute product with water, kerosene, oil etc. at site
  • Partly mixing is strictly prohibited
  • Must be protected from foot traffic while wet
  • Sprinkling or pounding with water is no recommended
  • Tiling work can be started after initial 72 hours of curing-Tiling work can be done using tile fixing adhesive, CERAFIX tile set adhesive range for excellent results
Comparison Chart:
1 Instant Application - Minimum Time consumption Long Process and Time consuming
2 Nominal Load i.e. 50g/sq.ft. hence safe Sweet Home Heavy Load i.e. 10kg./sq.ft.
3 Low cost, 100% value for money Expenssive, Time consuming hence Costly
4 Guaranteed Leakages protection Average Performance Seepage & leakage problems may occure
5 Waterproofing an Anti-Corrosive agent Only Waterproofing