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Our global proactive association with world leader construction-chemical industry enriches BLUEGEM with international standards quality and the best equipped machinery for optimal life of every product. BLUEGEM guarantee its products for the best performance and up to the mark results. We have our presence at pan India.

BLUEGEM serve the best range of construction-chemicals and designer tiles suiting wide range of needs in the segment. BLUEGEM offers Coolfix Coating, Nirva & Jyoti Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, Cerafix - tile adhesive, Leaklock pu 2k - polyurethane based waterproofing system, Bridgestone - colour joints filler for floor n wall tiles, Wall Putty and Italian checkered tiles, Cerapoxy Epoxy Resine, Tile Spacer, Admixture, SBR, WARC, Interlocking Paver Block & Many Moreā€¦