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WRCA - 504 The superior performance obtained with this new product makes it a good alternative to Melamine Based super-plasticizers when used in dual action liquid super plasticizer for Production of free flowing concrete or as a substantial water-reducing agent for Promoting high early and ultimate strengths. Suitable for use tropical and Hot climatic conditions.

Uses :

WRCA - 504 used as a super plasticizer in the production of free flowing concrete, such as

  • Slabs and foundations
  • Walls, columns and piers
  • Slender components with densely packed reinforcement
  • Textured surface finishes WRCA - 504 is also used as a water-reducing agent for producing high Early Strength concrete, such as...
  • Pre-cast concrete elements
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Bridges and cantilever structures
  • Concrete where formwork must be removed quickly or early loading can be applied


Type : Poly-naphthalene condensate (Melamine Based)
Form : White Liquid
Packaging : 1 ltr, 5 ltr, 20 ltr, 50 ltr, 200 ltr & Bulk supply in tanker trucks is possible on demand
Storage Condition : Store in a dry area between 5ºC and 35ºC. Protect from direct Sunlight.
Shelf life : 12 months minimum from production date if stored properly in original unopened packaging.

Application Details :

Dosage :
0.6 - 3.0% by weight of cement. It is advisable to carry out trial mixes to establish the exact dosage rate required.
Dispensing : WRCA - 504 can be added to the mixing water prior to its addition to the aggregates or directly to the freshly mixed concrete (the plasticizing effect is more pronounced). WRCA - 504 can also be added to the concrete immediately prior to discharge and after further mixing has taken place for at least three more minutes.

Concrete Placing
The standard rules of good concreting practice (production as well as placing) Must also be observed when using WRCA - 504 concrete.

Fresh concrete must be cured properly, especially at high temperatures in order to prevent plastic and drying shrinkage.

All technical data stated in this product data sheet are based on laboratory tests. Actual measured data may vary due to circumstances beyond our control.

For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of Chemical products, users should refer to the most recent material safety data sheet containing Physical, Ecological, Toxicological & other safety-related data.

Technical Details :

Density Approximately 1.20 kg / Lt.
pH value Approximately 8
Chloride Content Nill

PACKING - 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 20 ltr., 50 ltr., 200 ltr.,