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Read to use "Crack filler Paste for internal & External surface cracks in plaster brick masonry wall cracks of up to 5mm width and 5 mm depth should not be used for cracks more than 5mm thick.


Bridge Stone Crack paste is composed of high quality weather durable acrylic emulsion polymer, selected graded fillers, light fast pigment & additives. It is a single pack, ready to use flexible paste for filling the cracks in plastered surfaces because it has excellent bonding, water resistance, aesthetic appearance & durability.

Features & Benefits :

  • Easy to apply by putty knife similar to conventional putties.
  • Flexible, therefore does not crack & accommodates minor movements in cracks.
  • Water based, eco-friendly and non-staining.
  • Can be applied on damp surface but not on cracks with running water.
  • Excellent adhesion with cementations surface.
  • It can be tinted using water-based strainers.
  • Non toxic & harmless to hands.


  • Surface must be free from dust, oil, grease and loose particles etc. Moisten the surface before applying crack paste.
  • Fine hair line cracks must be widened upto 1mm minimum by using scrapper and then filled.
  • Fro filling crack Paste on the internal surface, existing POP, loose plaster or pointer's putty must be removed till plaster surface is exposed.
  • For porous surfaces, apply primer coast prepared with BRIDGE STONE CRACK PASTE and water in 1:1 proportion over the crack. Fill BRIDGE STONE CRACK PASTE when the surface is tacky and not dried completely, then crack Paste firmly into the crack with a spatula or putty knifes and level with the surface. Care must be taken avoid formation of cavities or bubbles during application. Allow it set for 24 hours and then apply another coat of BRIDGE STONE CRACK PASTE.
  • For best results allow to cure 7 days.


  • Clean tools & equipments & hands with soap and warm water, immediately after use.
  • As with all chemical products caution should always be exercised.
  • Use rubber hand gloves & safety goggles, while using.
  • In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of water.
  • Keep out of reach of children's.
  • Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed do not induce omitting but call for medical assistance, immediately.

Technical Details :

Appearance Smooth & Thick paste
Color White
Water resistance Excellent
Coverage 25 running meter/kg (for a depth of 5 mm & width of 5mm)
Shelf Life Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacturing in unopened containers.
Storage At cool & dry place, away from sunlite.

PACKING - 1 kg