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Bridge stone crack-filler is a cement based polymer modified powder material for filling cracks in plastered surfaces. It is composed of cement, select aggregates, polymer & additives which requires on site addition of water only. It is ideal to fill 3 to 5 mm wider static cracks, for leveling up walls before tiling and for Skimming expanded polystyrene and asbestos.

Features & Benefits :

  • Cracks filled with bridge stone crack filler enhances the subsequent painting quality & life.
  • It has strong adhesion, is non-shrink in nature, good water resistance properties & weathering durability.
  • Can be used for horizontal, Vertical & overhead applications.
  • As surface leveler before painting it reduces paint consumption and increases the life of the paint


Ensure the joints edges to be neat and sound. The surface should be free of loose debris, oil, grease or bitumen should be completely cleaned. For filling deep holes and cracks - reduce the water quantity to get a thicker pasty consistency.


  • Fill the mixed paste into the crack by spatula or putty knife blade.
  • Fill excess material and tool it by putty knife blade pressing against crack so that air voids get filled.
  • By wet finger tool the surface of material in to a concave nature by pressing against joint edges.
  • Cured material can be removed by vigorous scrubbing using sand paper or scrapper.


Powder is for static joint filling only it does not accommodate any movements and thus it is not suitable for dynamic cracks.


  • As with all chemical products caution should always be exercised.
  • Use rubber hand gloves & safety goggles.
  • In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of water.
  • Keep out of reach from children's.
  • Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed do not induce omitting but call for medical assistance, immediately.

Technical Details :

Type and Nature Single pack free flowing powder
Color White
Mixing Ratio Two Parts Powders & One part Water
Setting Time 3 Hours
Shelf Life 12 Months from the date of Mfg.
Storage Store the material in cool & dry Place.
Coverage 35 running mater per kg (for a depth & width of 5mm)
Packing 1 kg & 25 kg

PACKING - 1 kg Box