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Cerafix Wall putty is white Cement & flexible Polymer bases Powder Putty which provides an ideal finishing for concrete, Sand Plaster, AAC Block, Calcium silicate Bricks, tar plastered walls and ceiling. It provides a smooth and glossy finish surface, which effectively reduce the consumption of paints. It gives pleasing look to interiors & exteriors. It provides water resistant means resistance to water in humid air & not physical water leakages. An advised for Direct application on Plastered surface of interiors to get silky and shiny Finish.

It is India's finest Putty with the best proposition of White Cement and Incorporation to give silky and smooth finish to your walls. Our Wall Putty is best damp resistant, superior quality and strength holding Putty made of fine composition of White Cement in Powder form. Our Wall putty gives lust feel to your walls to get best shining look of Paints applied and makes sure you continue to enjoy the same without any damps and water seals.

Cerafix Wall Putty can be applied on various types of Walls and has widest covering capacity in first and second quote and can be best derived on basis of area to cover. Our Wall Putty does not rquire Primer applied on walls as its superfine composition covers full wall and is pores in plaster.

Features & Benefits :

  • Ready to use Just mix with Water
  • Self Curing Wall Putty it means no require water Curing
  • Excellent water Proofing Quality
  • Good Workability and easy to trowel,spatula and blade
  • None Shrinkage Property
  • Fast work and economical
  • Better bond than conventional Cement and Sand Plaster
  • It Prevents the growth of algae and fungus on walls
  • No need to apply any kind of primer as it before application of paints
  • It gives cost reduces of expensive paints. It means Paints savers


The total thickness of the coats should be Limited to Maximum 1.5 mm. For recommended thickness above coverage achievable is @ 14 Sq. Ft. / Kg. or 280 Sq. ft. / 20 kg. bag of Cerafix Wall Putty However actual coverage achieved depends on the base surface condition & Finished thickness.


  • Although Cerafix Wall Putty do not contain any toxic materials.
  • Use rubber gloves while mixing
  • Precaution should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while handling putty powder or during removal of application marks with fine emery paper- say wearing nose mask
  • Keep the product out of reach of children.


  • 1 kg. in P.P. Pouches
  • 20 kg. and 40 kg. packing in HDPE Laminated with P.P inner bag.
  • Coarse putty also available in 20 & 40 kg. packing. Specially made for roughen surfaces, Can be use before fine coat , its gives more coverage and reduces cost.


Surface preparation before the use :

Remove all loose, chalky thin layered flaky which forms on the wall by using wire brush or by using sand / emery paper. Clean the surface with clean water.

Application :

Ensure that surface is totally clean first. The surface there for should neither be too rough nor too -smooth. The surface should be just - wet. Ensure that over - wetting would result in accumulation water on surface should be avoided. Add 40-45% water by volume to putty and mix thoroughly to make homogenous. Wait for at least 15 minutes before application. Apply putty with a putty blade by drawing up the blade from bottom to top. Always mix desired quantity of putty with water and used up the mix within 3 hours. Smoothen the surface with a fine emery paper and remove loose particles. Apply second coat after 1 hours of drying. Final thickness should not be more than 1.5 mm wait for minimum three days before application of top coat.

STORE - in a Dry Place

PACKING - 1 kg Box