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Bluegem's Cerafix tile adhesive is a ready mixed. Grey Cement based Polymer modified tile adhesive it is made Simply to mix with water for tile fixing which gives high bonding strength, good workability and Consistency, easy to use and many other fundamental important properties.

Application (Product Strength) :

The Cerafix Premium is Specially for Fixing all types of Ceramic floor & Wall tiles for outdoors and indoors along with Fully Vitrified Tiles, tile on tile, Natural Stone and Marble applied up to 10mm bed Thickness. For use when high Performance are required such as tile fixing in industrial environment. Suitable Substrates for, Cerafix Premium adhesive are concrete, cement mortar beds, Concrete mansory and Cement Plaster.

Features & Benefits :

  • Ready to use, just mix with water
  • Self-curing adhesive
  • Excellent water -proofing Quality
  • Specially for Wall Cladding Purpose
  • For Fully Vitrified Tile, Natural Stone & Marble applications.
  • Longer initial setting time
  • None Shrinkage Property

PACKING - 20 kg

Technical Details :

Colours Light Grey
Mixing Ration 6 to 7 Ltrs. / 1 bag 20 kg Standard
Coverage Approx 2.75-3.00 sq.ft. / kg. 6mm x 6mm Square notch trowel for a Bad Thickness of 3 mm
Pot Life 4 hrs.
Shelf Life 12 month from the date of manufacturing when Stored under cover and in dry place.
Bed Thickness 3 to 10 mm
Open Time 30 minutes
Grouting = 8 hrs. on Wall / = 24 hrs. on Floor.
Packing & Storage Cerafix Premium is avilable in 5 kg 20 & 25 kg. When Stored Covered in dry place and seal Conditions.

* The Powder : Liquid ration may very according to the Job Conditions. Coverage will depend on the Nature & flatness of the Surface & the Method of Application. For good Coverage, it is vitally important all surface should be clean smooth, plumb, level and free from defects and undulations.