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Polyurethane corrosion resistant system is based on 2 components resin and hardener, It is in grey color and easily applied by brush.

Features & Benefits :

  • Provides excellent impermeable coating.
  • Metal and concrete substrate.
  • Durable and economical.
  • Prevents growth of fungus, moss, alge & other vegetative organism as well bacterial life.
  • Available in pre-packed, ready-to-use contaioners.
  • Products in any colors of choice can be made and supplied as a special order (at least 250 kg.)

Area of Application :

An anti-corrosion system effectively protect from Rust, fungus, moss, algae of iron, wooden and concrete structural such as, Girder, Pillars, Beams, Railing, Gate, Chemical Plants, The external of vessels, Tank, Oil pipelines, Gas pipelines, R.C.C. pipe & transmitter tower etc.

Power Plant, Electrical Pole, Bridge, Fertilizer Plants, docks and harbor installation - including Boat, Ship, Mechanized craft etc. An under surface of wagon, coach of Railway, Railway track, Water treatments plants, Gober Gas Plants, Truck Tanker & Motor cars and Various other domestic & industrial uses.

Application Procedure :

Clean the metal surface by removing Mud, Dust, Rust and extraneous substances Oil, Lubricants and Loose coating and clean out the surface thoroughly by scratching with metal sharpness and with help steel wire brush, then clean the loose rust particle by rubbing with dry cloth. The surface must be free from moisture and completely dry. Stir the contents well before mixing.


Components A : 81 part by weight
Components B : 19 part by weight
Take the entire content of component - B and pour in to the relevant container of component - A (which are weighed in right mixing proportion) Mix the two components thoroughly with a rod. Apply the mixer on the prepared surface using a good quality paint brush. The composition can be diluted with LLD to adjust application viscosity. The mixed solution must be consumed within 45 minutes. Allow the first coat to dry for 2-4 hours. Roughen the surface slightly with an emery paper prior to applying the second coat. Apply the second coat and allow it to cure for 24 hours. Dispose of the empty containers immediately after use with due care.


  • Must be protected from foot traffic & other physical abuse.
  • Do not pond with water immediately after the 2nd coat.
  • Must be applied on totally 24 hours.
  • Do not dilute product with water, kerosene, oil etc.
  • Part mixing is prohibited.
  • At the end work finish quickly wash out the use brushes with thinner or xylene.
  • Though commercial quality xylene is available in chemical markets, do not use turpentine, kerosene or oils.


Appearance Grey Color liquid
Mix Ratio (resin part-A : hardener part B) 81:19 part by weight
Pot life at 300C Approx 30 min.
Coverage 30 to 35 sq.ft. / kg.
Application Temperature Room Temperature

Note : Materials shade sample of course subject to the possibility of doing so, without sacrificing the anti corrosive property of the system.

PACKING - 1/2 kg & 4 kg